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1,000 Entrepreneurs, Investors & Future-Minded Optimists.


Where Web3 Meets Financial World Building


In August 1, 2022 we will open the first round of LaunchPub’s Genesis Syndicate NFT. This NFT will serve as your membership to the Genesis Syndicate private community. There will be a limited number sold that will give holders incredible access to “closed-door” information, special perks, invites to IRL events, investments and opportunities. And, of course, access to gas only airdrops and allowlist to multiple NFT collaboration projects over the next 5 years.


Token holders are the foundational members of the Genesis Syndicate community. You will join a like minded group of individuals who share the same passion for NFT projects, private dealflow, high-level partnerships, Web3 opportunities, alternative investing, networking, and everything in between.

If this was simply a “mastermind”, membership could run as high as $30,000 per year. In contrast, membership into the Genesis Syndicate is only 1 ETH (max 3 mints per person). And unlike a normal mastermind you can trade your NFT on the secondary market. Giving holders liquidity and the chance for your membership NFT to appreciate as we grow our community.


Every month the Syndicate will host a high level guest speaker from the worlds of finance, business and otherwise inaccessible global power players.

Like the CEO whose private company recently had a billion dollar exit…

Or one of the most successful long-term investors running a multi-billion dollar family office in Europe…

The Founder and CEO that launched a digital learning platform to provide education to children in Germany during the onset of the pandemic. And the CEO working on developing the largest clean water solution in India.

Then there’s the billion dollar real estate developer, a web3 venture capitalist investing syndicate, GP from one of the fastest growing alternative investments funds, wildly influential angel investors and many more.

Genesis Syndicate Utility

Private Discord Group

Exclusive collaborations with up and coming artists, creators and influencers

Monthly Zoom meetings featuring top of breed insights and opportunities

Annual IRL meetups at high level events

Quarterly investor AMAs with leading fund managers and professionals

Syndicated investments in private market opportunities`

High-end partnerships, growth opportunities and community

Phased Launches - Every member of the Genesis Syndicate receives minting opportunities to every NFT Project we launch in the next 5 years and allowlist opportunities on partner projects we negotiate


What is a Genesis Syndicate (GS) NFT?


GS NFTs are Ethereum tokens that grant access within the private Genesis Syndicate community as well as many exclusive perks and benefits.

How do I get a GS NFT?


GS NFTs are available to buy with Ethereum on OpenSea

What can I do with my GS NFT?


1) Access the heart and soul of the GS via our private Discord community.
2) Receive access to private investment research and opportunities, high-end partnerships, and coveted networking including guest speakers from the highest levels of entrepreneurship, investing and beyond..
3) Access annual high level IRL events you’ll be telling your friends about for years.
4) Access to an allow list of every NFT project we launch in the next 5 years and whitelist to mint partner projects.

How do I access the Discord group?


The initial limited launch GS NFTs grant access to the group. After confirming the NFT is in your wallet, join the community via this link. **Discord group opens July 1st 2022

How much does a GS NFT cost?


The private sale starts at 1 ETH (max 3 mints per person) on our mint. After opening to the public, the market decides.

1 ETH is the price for lifetime membership - no subscription, no renewal fees.

And again, you can trade your NFT on the secondary market. Giving holders ongoing liquidity and the chance for your membership NFT to appreciate as we grow our community.

Who is behind the Genesis Syndicate?


Proven large scale community builders across several verticals within media, financial, trading, investing, and entrepreneurship have come together to build a new dynamic ecosystem in the NFT space.

Led by Financial Media Corp and Trading Pub founder Morgan Busby, who’s businesses have collectively engaged over 5 million financial enthusiasts over the past few years.

And in partnership with VNR, the leading digital publishing company in Germany with broad international reach and decades of experience.

The combined efforts of the team will serve as a major onramp of investors into Web 3

Interested in early access?